Future Weston is a Community Association of local people who feel passionately about the Weston and Newbridge area of Bath —coming together to find ways to improve our area and the lives of all of us who live here, working with other local and city-wide organisations and the local Council as needed. 

Upcoming Events

Gala Day – Saturday 1 July, 11am to 5pm – Weston Rec

The big summer event for Weston and Newbridge, with events and activities for everyone, all day long, on Weston Rec. See more…


Multi-sport ball court opened in Weston Village

The ball court at Weston Hub has been completely restored, and is now available for rental by local residents and teams. It is now a multi-sport area, complete with floodlighting, and can be used for tennis, basketball, volleyball, netball and five-a-side.  It is now open for bookings at www.westonhub.org.uk.

At a recent ceremony, the Mayor of Bath Councillor Rob Appleyard opened the new ball court. Full story...

Active Weston

Sports and Leisure in Weston Village

At a big public meeting in October, it was decided to start a new organisation in the Weston and Newbridge area called Active Weston. The purpose of this new community association is to encourage active participation in sport and leisure activities by people of all ages and abilities in the Weston and Newbridge area.

A Steering Group has been formed, and research is under way into what local people would like to happen in this area, and what new facilities would be welcomed. There is a big opportunity to encourage more varied uses of Weston Rec, including installing new facilities; alongside making maximum use of the newly restored ballcourt at Weston Hub; and encouraging other sports and leisure activities in the area. The Active Weston Steering Group would love lots of us in this area to be involved in one way or another, and are asking for ideas and suggestions.

So if you are a young family, an active sports person, an older person, a teenager, a person with disabilities, a dog walker...if you love the countryside, love walking or rambling or cycling, love flying kites, love any sport, want to learn a new sport, want to train young people, have some great ideas, whatever it is… then please let us know.

And if you would like to know more, or get involved, or ask any questions, we would love to hear from you. Contact either Duncan Nash (duncan@nashandcobath.co.uk) or Peter Heywood (peter@heywood.co)

Current & planned projects in Weston Village

If you’d like to be involved in any of these projects, or have other ideas for brightening up the village and supporting each other, then please contact Peter Heywood.

Weston is a village on the edge of the City of Bath in Somerset.  It is closely connected with the adjoining Newbridge area (also known as Lower Weston).  About 17,000 people live in the area.  The Royal United Hospital is the largest employer.  There are two shopping streets – Weston High Street, and Chelsea Road in the Newbridge area.

The Weston and Newbridge area has no fixed boundary, and so the activities of Future Weston are not bound by any lines on the map.  So if you live or work anywhere in the Weston or Newbridge area, then make contact and find out more.

About Us

The Weston area is a great place to live and work. But there are still opportunities to develop and encourage improvements in the Weston area. Future Weston looks for these opportunities, and sees how to make them a reality, and then builds groups to make them happen.


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