Multi-sport ball court opened in Weston Village

The ball court at Weston Hub has been completely restored, and is now available for rental by local residents and teams. It is now a multi-sport area, complete with floodlighting, and can be used for tennis, basketball, volleyball, netball and five-a-side.  It is now open for bookings at

At a recent ceremony, the Mayor of Bath Councillor Rob Appleyard opened the new ball court.  Having cut the ribbon in front of a large audience, he then announced the Mayor’s Shootout Competition for everyone there. Getting the basket ball through the hoop was harder than expected, and most people were immediately eliminated.  The triumphant winners were Luca House and Frankie Bishop, who are now each invited, together with six friends, to enjoy a celebration with refreshments and cakes at The Mayor’s Parlour at the Guildhall in Bath.

The event then continued with a fast-moving basketball match between two local teams from the Filipino Community, who were all then also invited to the Mayor’s Parlour.

The ball court is at Weston Hub community centre in Penn Hill Road, Weston Village, which is run by All Saints Weston for the benefit of the local community.

Gala Day – Sports and Leisure for all the Family on Weston Rec

Saturday 1 July 2023 from 11am to 5pm

The big summer event for Weston and Newbridge, with events and activities for everyone, all day long, on Weston Rec.

It’s all happening – join a junior football team, test your strength in some tough competitions, enjoy lots of games and activities for families and young children, go jumping in the sack race, watch the Zumba dance display, go fell running up the hill, take part in the tug-o-war, learn how to play basketball, get together in the family relay, play tag rugby, join the cricket, join a volley ball team, bounce on the trampolines, enter the boules competitions and much much more.

There’ll be lots of food and drink available all day long.  So come and relax too, in the big marquee, and enjoy a great day out.

Organised by Active Weston – encouraging active participation in sport and leisure activities by people of all ages and abilities in the Weston and Newbridge area.

Local council election hustings

Thursday 20 April at 7.30pm – Weston Hub, Penn Hill Road

Local Council elections will be taking place on Thursday 4th May, when we will be voting for who should be our Councillors for the next four years.  Before you vote, come to the Hustings to meet the candidates, ask them questions, and hear what they have to say about their priorities for this area, for Bath, and for the whole of BANES. 

Opening of Ball Court at Weston Hub

Thursday 13 April at 3.00pm

The newly restored ball court at Weston Hub on Penn Hill Road is now ready for use, and the official opening ceremony will be on Thursday 13 April at 3.00pm.  The court will be opened by the Mayor of Bath, Councillor Rob Appleyard.

Come and enjoy tea on the court, take part in The Mayor’s Amazing Incredible Shoot Out to win great prizes, and watch an exhibition basketball match. 

The court will then be bookable for tennis, basketball, volleyball, netball and 5-a-side.  Go to the Weston Hub website for details.

Open Meeting on Southlands Liveable Neighbourhood

Friday 14 April at 7.30pm –Moravian Church, on the roundabout

The Southlands area has been chosen as a Liveable Neighbourhood, with investment available for the benefit of the local community.  As a first step, planters have been used to trial a through traffic restriction since late November 2022, alongside a period of consultation on the effects of this, with a formal review after the local elections. More investment is possible in the future, to improve walking and wheeling (eg mobility scooter) routes through the area.

This Future Weston Open Meeting will give an opportunity for input from local residents into this debate.  It will be an opportunity for everyone involved to listen to each other’s perspectives, to understand the challenges and opportunities, and to contribute ideas for the future, for the benefit of all.


The next big meeting for ACTIVE WESTON will be on Thursday 16 March at 7.30pm at Weston Hub.  Please come, and bring others who would like to see more sports and leisure facilities, teams, and activities in the Weston area. The four things that we will cover at this meeting are:

Development of Weston Rec

We will review the results of the online survey on the development of facilities on Weston Rec, and decide on what we would like to include in our proposal to BANES Council.  There has been an enormous response to this survey, and more responses are coming in all the time.  Please make sure that you have responded yourself, and ask others as well.  It’s a survey for everyone.  Go to

Gala Day on Weston Rec on Saturday 1 July

An update on the plans, and an opportunity to take part. Please keep this date in your calendar,

Weston Hub Ballcourt

An update on what is available, and how to book.

Teams and Training

How can we build up the training of local people, and build local teams ?

ACTIVE WESTON needs your help please

ACTIVE WESTON is a new organisation encouraging active participation in sport and leisure activities by people of all ages and abilities in the Weston and Newbridge area of Bath.

We see a real opportunity to develop the facilities at Weston Rec, for as many types of activity as possible, so that it can be used by a wide and diverse range of groups, encouraging leisure activities and sports for teams and for individuals.

If you live or work in the Weston and Newbridge area, please help us by completing this very simple survey. It’ll take you two minutes.

When we have enough replies, we will then know what to include in a plan for developing the Rec for more sports and leisure activities.

The survey is for everyone – whether you are young, old, sporty, in a wheelchair, with small children, keen on fitness, crazy about football, would love to play boules, or just push your buggy, or sit on a bench and smell the flowers, go for a jog, or run along the top of a log, play table tennis, play cricket, practice basketball, or just go on taking your dog for a walk.

Thanks for taking part!

Active Weston

Sports and Leisure in Weston Village                             

At a big public meeting in October, it was decided to start a new organisation in the Weston and Newbridge area called Active Weston. The purpose of this new community association is to encourage active participation in sport and leisure activities by people of all ages and abilities in the Weston and Newbridge area.

A Steering Group has been formed, and research is under way into what local people would like to happen in this area, and what new facilities would be welcomed. There is a big opportunity to encourage more varied uses of Weston Rec, including installing new facilities; alongside making maximum use of the newly restored ballcourt at Weston Hub; and encouraging other sports and leisure activities in the area. The Active Weston Steering Group would love lots of us in this area to be involved in one way or another, and are asking for ideas and suggestions.

So if you are a young family, an active sports person, an older person, a teenager, a person with disabilities, a dog walker...if you love the countryside, love walking or rambling or cycling, love flying kites, love any sport, want to learn a new sport, want to train young people, have some great ideas, whatever it is… then please let us know.

And if you would like to know more, or get involved, or ask any questions, we would love to hear from you. Contact either Duncan Nash ( or Peter Heywood (

'Tidying up Weston' Community Action Event

Thursday 10 November, 1:30pm

Let’s get a big group of us together to keep Weston free of weeds and litter. This is a special community event, so let’s join the Bath Clean and Green Team, and tidy up the village.

All equipment provided. Come and join us at the Moravian Church (on the roundabout) at 1.30pm.

If you’re definitely planning to join in, then please let Peter Heywood know at so that we can get an idea of numbers.

Mayor unveils new map of Weston Village

A new historical map of Weston Village has been unveiled by the Mayor of Bath Councillor Rob Appleyard.

At the same event, the Mayor announced a minute’s silence for Her Majesty the Queen, and a wreath was laid, prayers were led by Rev Tom Yacomeni, and there were cheers for King Charles III.

Fixed to the wall of the Parish Hall, the illustrated map shows the whole Weston area, complete with information on local history and on important local buildings. The historical map was produced by talented local artist Finola Stack, together with local historians Mike McCarthy and Michael Rockey, who are all part of the Future Weston community association.

At the unveiling, the Mayor of Bath said “I am delighted to see the local energy and enthusiasm that has gone into creating this historical map of Weston Village. It provides lots of very interesting information for local people and for visitors to the area. My congratulations to all involved”.

Said Peter Heywood, Chair of Future Weston “I am so pleased that the map is now located in the middle of the village, where everyone can see it, including walkers on the Cotswold Way”.

The map was largely funded by the Local Councillors Fund, and also by the Weston branch of Tesco. Weston Councillors Shelley Bromley and Ruth Malloy commented “We are so pleased to be able to help build more awareness of the strong heritage of Weston Village through our support of this important project”.

Tea towels of the main image of the map are available for sale at the Western Bistro (next to the pedestrian crossing in the village).

The Mayor of Bath Councillor Rob Appleyard at the official unveiling of the new historical map of Weston Village, with The Mayoress Amanda Appleyard, Future Weston Chair Sir Peter Heywood, artist Finola Stack, Rev Tom Yacomeni, Councillor Shelley Bromley and Councillor Ruth Malloy.

The Mayor of Bath Councillor Rob Appleyard at the official unveiling of the new historical map of Weston Village, with The Mayoress Amanda Appleyard, Future Weston Chair Sir Peter Heywood, artist Finola Stack, Rev Tom Yacomeni, Councillor Shelley Bromley and Councillor Ruth Malloy.

Weston Village Tea Towel

Weston Village Map Tea Towels are now on sale at the Western Bistro (next to the pedestrian crossing in the village).

Ideal for hanging on the wall. Or framing as a picture. For giving as a present. Or even for drying the dishes.

Have fun exploring your way around Weston Village.

Check out the streets and buildings you know … rediscover the old buildings that have disappeared (in grey) … find the buildings that are still being built (in the RUH).

Weston Village Map

There’s a new map of Weston Village, on the wall of the Parish Hall on the upper pavement.

It’s an overhead view of the area, with lots of information on the history of Weston from Roman times to the present day.  It includes a walk around the village to see historical buildings and interesting places.

The artist is Finola Stack, who lives in Weston, and all the historical information has been prepared by Michael McCarthy and Michael Rockey of the Weston Heritage and Research Society.  It was funded by the Ward Councillor Empowerment Fund, and by Tesco in Weston.

The Weston Village Map has been developed by the Future Weston community association, to help us all to know our area better, and to provide some interesting and welcoming information for visitors to the village.

The copyright belongs to Finola Stack, so no one else is allowed to use the image commercially.

See large version of the map here.

Open evening about the future of Weston Rec & getting more sport going in this area

Weston Hub on Penn Hill Road on Thursday 6 October at 7.30pm

This is an opportunity to get together to think about sport in the Weston and Newbridge area. There’s lots happening already. But there could be a whole lot more. 

For example, Weston Rec has no facilities, and has plenty of potential for more sporting events and activities. The ball court at Weston Hub has been refurbished, and will shortly be open for us all to use.  Our young people would love to form a basketball team and have proper training. And there must be other ideas that would really help to be discussed.

Maybe open air gym equipment? Maybe new clubs for tennis, netball, volley ball, 5-a-side football? Cycling groups? A Rambling group? Disabled sport?

By forming a local sports association we could apply for funding for new developments.  And with a bit of publicity we could organise regular football and other games on the Rec.

Come to the Open Evening with your ideas, and let’s all see what we can do.

Jubilee WestFest 2022

It was a time to celebrate. Residents of Weston, Newbridge and beyond came together on Sunday 5th June 2022 at the Rec to mark the Queen’s remarkable 70 years on the throne.

Click here to see photos from the day…

Weston Village – the past, the present and the future

Future Weston Open Evening
Wednesday 27 April from 7.30 to 9.30pm
At the Moravian Church Hall, on the roundabout

It’s time to get together again !

Future Weston is a Community Association of local people who feel passionately about the Weston Village area—coming together to find ways to improve our area and the lives of all of us who live here. It’s time to get together again, and everyone is welcome. It’s all about Weston Village – the past, the present and the future.  Many things have happened during the pandemic, many things are happening now, and more are planned for the future. Come and find out more. You’ll find out about new community gardens in the village, about planting more trees and flowers, about cleaner streets, about helping the environment, about more sporting activities and facilities in the village and on the Rec, about helping in our community (Love Weston Café, Love Weston Library), about adding more features to the High Street, about liveable neighbourhoods, about celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee on Weston Rec, about a beautiful new 3-D map of Weston Village showing our history and our landmark buildings...  And think about what you would like to see happen in Weston Village in the next 5 years to help those in our community who are most in need.

Come and find out more...get involved...bring your own ideas...and have a great evening.

Bringing the history of Weston Village alive

Watch out for the new display panel on the wall of the Parish Hall showing the history of Weston Village together with a local walk to lots of places of interest in the village. It’s all thanks to local artist Finola Stack, together with Michael McCarthy and Michael Rockey of the Weston Heritage and Research Society, who have worked with Future Weston to produce this new look at our history with a beautiful 3-dimensional map and plenty of information on the village.


Public Meeting

Thursday 30 April 2020 at 7.30pm

Weston Ex-Services Association, Brookfield Park, BA1 4JQ

At this meeting, we will think about new ideas to help all of us who live in the Weston and Newbridge area - thinking together about how we can build friendly and inclusive local communities, encouraging conversations, growing friendships, inspiring each other, supporting our neighbours, enjoying life together, street by street.